Kids and Hope Foundation
mission: provide food, water, and shelter to homeless kids and families.
you can make new memories
for someone.

Helping Homeless Children and Their Families

My name is Sean Guiney, and I am the founder of Kids and Hope Foundation. My primary goal is to create awareness about the growing number of homeless children and their families across America. Homeless children and their families are wandering the streets scared and helpless. Many are suffering from lack of proper nutrition and affordable shelter.

My goal is to help as many children as I can. You too can promote change in a variety of ways. Please see the items needed page for supplies needed today. We need everything from baby bottles and nipples to formula, clothes and more

One hundred percent of every donation helps a family in need. I invite you to explore my website and learn about current missions that Kids and Hope is working on.

Awareness gives strength, start helping today.


                        Kids and Hope Foundation        
                       Serving Eastern PA and NJ